Week 1 of Our 1st Virtual Run Completed!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of our week 1 participants who ran a mile last week, and an AWESOME job to the family who supported them along the way!
For week 2 you can submit your participation by following this link 

The theme for week 2 (September 14-20) is School Pride!

We love ALL of our schools! Can you get a teacher or staff member to run with you this week?  Extra points for administrators!  Even if you get a group of friends from you school, we want to see you run with school pride.  You don’t have to run together, but the school with the most staff and teacher participants will earn points for all of their student runners.

Don’t forget about the courses we have marked at both Sam Peden Community and Galena Lamb Parks, and make sure to enter your information following the link above once you have completed your mile.

As with any run, we want you to be safe.  Make sure you drink plenty of water and run responsibly with a trusted friend or adult.

We look forward to seeing your progress. Run FAST!