Second Meet Race Results

Our runners are off to a fast start this year!  At our Floyd Central meet, the runners got a change of scenery as they raced through the woods in an exciting run.  Thanks for helping to make our second meet a success!  Special thanks to the Edward Jones team for sponsoring this race and to the Floyd Central Cross Country team for helping the race to run smoothly!

Download Race Results – Times 9-19-13



Download Race Results Individual and Team



1. Mt. Tabor (62)

2. Georgetown (69)

3. Floyds Knobs (89)

4. Greenville (103)

5. Grantline (205)


1. Georgetown (108)

2. Floyds Knobs (110)

3. Mt. Tabor (178)

4. Grantline (187)

5. Greenville (217)


Top Individuals:

Second Grade Boys: 

1. Maxwell Alexander, Mount Tabor (6:43);

2. Finn Railey, Mount Tabor;

3. Tyler Hess, Greenville

4. Max Milner, Georgetown

5. Floyds Knobs

Second Grade Girls: 

1. Olivia Hodges, Georgetown (7:53)

2. Trinity Bramener, Georgetown

3. Avery Procter, Slate Run

4. Faith Sprigler, Floyds Knobs

5. Taryn Hunter, Slate Run


Third and Fourth Grade Girls: 

1. Amelia Meunier, Floyds Knobs (7:12);

2. Savanna Liddle, Christian Academy;

3. Annalise Zeinemann, Georgetown;

4. Kaitlyn Jones, Floyds Knobs.

5. Reese Raymond, Grantline

6. Kaylee Lewellen, Georgetown

7. McKenzie Aldridge, Slate Run

8 Ella Lavigne, Christian Academy

9. Mandy Hess, Greenville;

10. Jaydon Cerenchioni, Georgetown


Third and Fourth Grade Boys: 

1. Sam Fletcher, Georgetown (6:27);

2. Jack Hagedorn, Greenville;

3. Maddox Schmelz, Mount Tabor;

4. Max Grangier, Floyds Knobs;

5. Tyrese Winburn, Mount Tabor;

6. Davis Krebs, Grant Line;

7. Braden Poe, Floyds Knobs;

8. Brady Dunn, Christian Academy;

9.Weston Naville, Georgetown;

10. Bryce Schmidt, Georgetown